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Sleepy Hollow Village Board of Trustees Meeting December 13, 2011

Village of Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees Meeting 12/13/11
by  Suzanne Rothberg

Mayor Ken Wray was absent—Deputy Mayor Tom Caposella presided.




There were two public hearings—One on the code revisions and the other on the parking meters.


The purpose of the public hearing on the parking meters was because the residents of the Village did not believe that one hour was a sufficient amount of time so they decided to extend the parking limit to two hours. The resolution was approved.


The public hearing on the code revision did not have much discussion so it was adjourned.


The only public comment on the parking meters was by Mario Blanich. He desired more information. Deputy Mayor Caposella responded that it was upgraded to two hours so residents would have more time to park while they run their errands. It was up to the Board to decide if that time limit would remain on the meters. Mario asked if the meters would be upgraded to the more modern that are found in malls like the Galleria in White Plains. Caposella said no.


Trustee Reports:


Caposella mentioned a young woman who went into labor and had a baby in the back seat of a Sleepy Hollow Police car. The woman knew the police officer that lived next door to her, so she called the officer to take her to the hospital. The woman was taken by ambulance to Phelps Memorial Hospital. She and her newborn baby are doing fine. The two police officers were congratulated for their efforts.


Trustee Bruce Campbell announced that ‘the check for the PEG grant’ for $30,000 from Cablevision is in the mail. Those funds will also trigger another $30,000 from Verizon. The Village is continuing to meet with Tarrytown regarding the public access channel and said it was a slow process but they would have the proposal for the next budget cycle. He said the turnout at the work session held at the Writers Center could have been better. He suggested having another public work session at Kendal Senior Residence slated for January 17.


Caposella made some announcements:


After the week of December 12, there will be no more loose leaves. They will have to be bagged starting December 19. Salt barrels will be put out in the coming week. Sunday, January 1st at the Galgano Senior Center, there will be a second annual ‘Feed the Hungry Day.’  Many people have signed up as volunteers, cooking turkey or ham. Donations are needed for turkeys and hams. Anyone interested in volunteering or delivering the food, call Anthony Giaccio or Tom Caposella and drop the prepared cooked food off at the
senior center on Sunday, January 1 at 11:00 am.


Trustee Karin Wompa said that the Downtown Revitalization is working on the calendar and selling advertising space. It’s expected to be released a week late in January.


Trustee Evelyn Stupel had nothing to report. Neither did Trustee Barbara Carr.


Administrator’s Report:


Village Administrator Anthony Giaccio reported that he was at Ichabod’s Landing and there was a sinkhole. There was a contractor brought out to make the repairs to fill the sinkhole. He also stated that they looked at hiring an engineer to ensure that there would be no further sinkholes forming. Trustee Carr asked if the damage was from Hurricane Irene, Giaccio responded that was not yet determined.  He also said that last week many residents called to complain they were smelling gas. It wasn’t the Village itself, it was across the river. He also mentioned the Second Annual Feed the Hungry drive at the Galgano Senior Center and encouraged residents to volunteer on January 1.




R-1 Complus Data Agency contract with Village-Approved

R-2 The County of Westchester plans on commencing a project involving the installation of 320 linear feet of water supply for project known as the Eastview Water Meter Connection Chamber Lead Agency-Approved

R-3 Appoint Part-Time Code Officer Martin Gotte of West Harrison [beginning January 3] Approved

R-4 Loading Zone-The owners of Arthur Avenue Bakery has requested the Village to designate a loading zone in front of their business located at 147 Cortlandt Street. -Approved

R-5 Authorize DPW Foreman to Post Laborer and MEO Position-Approved

R-6 Approve Fire Chief Actions in electing Anthony Multari and Julio Soso to active membership in Columbia Hose Engine Co. No. 3 and Jason Rivas to the Firefighter Trainee Program. -Approved.

R-7 Parking Meters change the maximum time limit from 1 hour to 2 hours as part of Village Code revision- Approved


There was a presentation of a check from the Rivertown Runners to the Life Center for their after school programs for the amount of $5,500. T-shirts were given to each of the Board members.


Sleepy Hollow resident, Shelley Robinson, was the first to make a public comment on the Tree Commission:


“As a member of the SH Tree Commission, I request that the members of the Tree Commission be included in further deliberations by the Parks and Recreation Committee (Trustees Campbell, Stupel and Carr) before the committee submits its final recommendations for Tree Code revisions to the whole Board.  Major changes are being suggested in the nine-point revision proposal, read by Trustee Campbell at the Dec. 6 work session, including removing the main function of the Tree Commission, the assessment of village trees on public and private property.   The revisions need further scrutiny by experts and the Tree Commission proposes a comparison of tree codes and best practices around Westchester County.  This revision process affords Sleepy Hollow the opportunity to upgrade its tree code, but the Trustees need to include Tree Commission members and others in the process.” 



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